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Crucial to fulfilling our main objective of tackling poverty in Abuadi are the skills and knowledge of professional persons/organisations who can offer assistance in projects requiring specific technical expertise.

We may need advise and technical help in completing the following projects:

Farming Income Generating,  Library/Computer Lab Learning Centre,   Rebuilding Schools Village, Wells,  Building Guest houses

We will regularly update our progress on the What’s happening? section where we will invite our Abuadian supporters to submit any proposals, ideas, tips or previous experience in dealing with any issues raised.

At any time, we also welcome suggestions and comments which you think may benefit our on-site Activity Holiday makers and/or Abuadi CBO.

Please take the time to register with us because we can issue you with a login password to access the Forum. You will then be able to signpost your message which will become available to Acitivity Holiday makers and Abuadi CBO. You will also be able to exchange information with other forum members.

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