What’s happening?


Welcome to What’s happening? page where you can find updated information about Abuadi’s community and their ongoing projects.

Currently in Abuadi . . .

All past Activity Holiday makers have made contact with each others. We are currently exchanging past experiences, new ideas and discussing how to best serve the Abuadi Community. Please go to the Forum and help us to find lasting solutions

A huge thank you to Amber Mills who kindly donated a laptop to Abuadi’s CBO. This will enable CBO members and Activity Holiday makers to communicate with Abuadian supporters around the world through our Forum page.

As always,  Abuadi’s CBO members are working hard to get their projects off the ground. The lack of funds, resources and expertise has prevented progression.

Please help Abuadi’s CBO to source donated goods which will enable projects to jump up to the next level. Please refer to Abuadi’s Projects and see below a list of requested donations:

 A Tractor

Getting agricultural equipment to help Abuadi’s farmers has been identified as one of the most pressing priority projects. A tractor will significantly ease their hard laborious working days and also increase their yield and profit all year round.

If you know an organisation or individual who would like to donate a tractor, please let us know by going to Spreading the word section.

Material to rebuild 3 schools:

As you have probably read in the Abuadi’s Projects  section, all three schools are in an appalling condition and unsafe for children and their teachers.  Below are the types of materials needed.

2.5 mm Conduit Cables coils Hardwood 2×6 pieces  1.5 mm Conduit Cables 4 coils Hardwood  Boards 10 mm Cable 50 yards Locks, window LockersHinges 4″, Nails 2″  2.5 mm Earth Wire coils  PVC Pipes 4 ft Florescent Lighting  13 amp Conduit SocketsBags of Cement 2 ft Florescent Lighting  Earth Rod1/2″ Steel Rods1/4″ Steel Rods  Binding Wire 

 Goat Farm

Money has been donated from Doug Wiles and Amelia Wakefield to set up a community goat farm to raise funds to go to other revenue raising projects with the ultimate goal of funding the reconstruction of the dam, the repair of the schools and the other community projects previously mentioned.

Previously in Abuadi . . .

Another huge thank you to Leora  selesnick, the second Activity Holiday Maker in Abuadi, who raised funds for the CBO to purchase irrigation pumping equipment.

A massive Thank you to Doug Wiles who as the first volunteer set up Abuadi CBO and donated a computer for the school.


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