Agricultural Equipment


There are no agricultural equipment in Abuadi. Many tools are much needed but a tractor is the most important farming equipment for increasing productivity and crop yield.

We are urgently seeking a donation of a tractor/ second hand tractor either locally or from an overseas source.

After a tractor has been donated,  Abuadi’s CBO will manage its use amongst the community.

Farmers will be able to hire the tractor from the CBO for a small per acre fee. The increased yield and profit they get from the use of the tractor will far outweigh the cost associated with using it. For example, when improved crop technology was disseminated in other regions of the country, the crop yield more than doubled. Use of modernizing techniques has been the most successful method of increasing crop yield. The fee paid to the CBO will be used to cover the costs of fuel, a driver, and repairs and maintenance. All of the excess income will be invested in community development projects.

Abuadi’s CBO will also hire the tractor to other surrounding villages in order to increase income. Thus, the tractor will be able to help other poor farmers in the region as well.

If you are aware of any individual or organisation which you think may be in a position to help, please go to Spreading the word page leaving contact details or

Donate Now by EFT!

Bank Name ; Stanbic Bank.
Account Name; Adaklu Abuadi Restoration.
Account Number; 0121417517501.

Email [email protected] and we will provide evidence of your purchase.

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