The organization and the community are facing the problem of a lack of income being generated from current farming methods. The villagers are all subsistence farmers who do not have  sufficient resources to feed their family, much less produce the extra income needed to invest in urgent projects. The CBO was created to focus on improving farming productivity in which 20% of all the income earned will go to the committee fund, which in turn will develop the resources of the village. We believe our organization will substantially alleviate poverty and enable Abuadians to step up another level in achieving economic independence.

Abuadi is a community completely dependent on farming. For nearly half of the year (the dry or minor season) it is unable to do any work or produce any income because of water shortages.

There is a dilapidated dam close to the community that, if renovated, can provide the needed water. De-silting Dam

This together with improved Agricultural equipment, such as a tractor, will impact positively and significantly on farmers’ ability to sustainably produce food all year around.

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