The lack of resources is keeping many kids out of school entirely, or forcing them to drop out part way through. Over one- third of kids in the community between the ages of 6 and 15 are not in school as their parents either cannot afford to send them or they are needed more for working on the farms. Most kids eat less than 3 meals a day. They eat a small breakfast and not again until the evening. Of the third who do start at the lower primary school, only a half  makes it to Junior Secondary School level!


There are 3 main schools in Abuadi: the Lower Primary, the Upper Primary and the Junior Secondary school. All of them are in an appalling condition and unsafe for children. Roofs are all in a state of disrepair and the walls are so loose that it is only a matter of time before they collapse.  Some of the bricks from one of the outer walls have begun falling, landing in the children’s play-area.The outer walls are only a meter and a half high, leaving the students exposed to poor weather conditions. Whenever it rains, which is daily during the three month wet season, the students are forced to leave the school. This is extremely disruptive to their learning.

We welcome donations of school equipment (black boards, tables, chairs etc..) and construction materials to rebuild the schools. We have produced an estimate of materials required for rebuilding one school. Please see below.


Electrical Quantity Carpenter Quantity
2.5 mm Conduit Cable 3 coils 3 Hardwood 2×6 pieces 36
1.5 mm Conduit Cable 4 coils 4 Hardwood 2 Boards 24
10 mm Cable 50 yards 50 Locks 4
Other Materials Hinges 4″ (packet) 4
2.5 mm Earth Wire 2 coils 2 Window Locker 2
PVC Pipe 15 Nails 2″ (packet) 1
4 ft Florescent Lighting 4 Bricklayer
13 amp Conduit Socket 6 Bags of Cement 600
2 ft Florescent Lighting 3 Sand Tips 28
Earth Rod 3 Stone Tips 12
Steelbender Water Tanker 3
1/2″ Steel Rods 35   Existing School
1/4″ Steel Rods 10
Binding Wire 5


Donate Now by EFT!

Bank Name ; Stanbic Bank.
Account Name; Adaklu Abuadi Restoration.
Account Number; 0121417517501.

Email [email protected] and we will provide evidence of your purchase.

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