Abuadi’s Projects


The Abuadi CBO has projects that raise money for community projects and the community projects themselves. There are several projects requiring attention but the following 5 community projects are considered priority in meeting our main objectives:

Farming Income Generating

Rebuilding Schools

 Library/Computer Lab Learning Centre

Village wells  

Building Guest houses

The CBO (Communtiy Based Organisation) is currently starting revenue raising projects with the main aim  of being able to fund the community projects above. The CBO is hoping for community based grants to fund the farming project which will generate income for the community based projects. However, if this does not eventuate the CBO has started revenue rasing activities, which includes:

Community Goat Farm

The community goat farm was started with initially funding from a past volunteer. Once the goats grow and reproduce the CBO will be able to make a profit to go towards the community projects. 

1 Goat only costs 80 Ghana Cedis (approx $47USD)

Donate Now by EFT!

Bank Name ; Stanbic Bank.
Account Name; Adaklu Abuadi Restoration.
Account Number; 0121417517501.

Email [email protected] and we will provide evidence of your purchase.

How can you get involved?

By visiting Abuadi and staying as a Tourist Guest, you will help contribute to the community’s economic development. Each Traveling guest’s fees will partially fund projects. Please refer to the Traveling guest section.

By taking part in Volunteering (volunteering) for periods ranging from 1 to 3 months, you will directly influence the way in which projects are carried out. You will also partially fund projects. Please refer to the Volunteering section.

By sharing your professional expertise with those involved in on-site projects, you will provide invaluable help and support where there are gaps in specific knowledge. Please refer to Spreading the word section.

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