Greetings to all Abuadi Community. Hope all are well and Happy New Year to everyone!!

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  1. From initial contacts to discussing projects, you will find here some of the topics and issues raised by past activity holiday makers. We welcome your feedback and experience concerning these issues.
    Thanks for your interest and support to Abuadi.
    Nathalie Bidouj, on behalf of the Abuadi community.

  2. Doug wrote

    Dear Volunteers,

    Firstly I would just like to introduce myself, my name is Doug and I was the first volunteer in Abuadi back in September 2008. I just wanted to email you all and congratulate you for volunteering in Abuadi and the valuable work you did. Secondly, I wanted to thank you all for the work you have, kind donations and continuing work you do after leaving the community. It fills me with a sense of pride to hear from Anani the work you all do, the donations received and to see the CBO keep growing and growing.

    I got your emails from Anani because I thought (now that we have left the community) there is still alot of valuable work we can do from afar. I would like us to keep in contact to share ideas and initiatives with each other to try and help out Abuadi as much as we can. Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss any ideas you might have on projects, raising funds, building capacity etc. I believe if we work together we can do some great things for the community! Hopefully I might be able to save up and go back soon, but in the mean time I hope I can use as much of the spare time I have to help the current volunteers and think of any ways I can to help. Let me know if you have any ideas/thoughts.

    Take care and many thanks!

    yours sincerely,

  3. Melva wrote

    Hi Doug,
    I have been in contact with Ausaid and WaterAid here in Australia. WaterAid has a local office in
    Melbourne and they are already active in Ghana so they are going to get back to me. The worker
    who contacted me is going to check with the Ghana office to see if Abuadi is already on
    their “radar” so to speak! I have not had any response yet from Ausaid but it has only been a
    couple of days. 🙂 I will keep you posted .. please feel free to forward this to other volunteers. I
    am also struggling with fund raising ideas… wouls love to pick some brains for ideas!!! … spare
    cash/charity dollars is a bit short in this area due to droughts/floods etc. I am trying to get back to
    Ghana this year if I can. Is it true that XXX has pulled out from suporting
    XXX? I found out in a reather indirect manner that one of the airport pick guys got a bit extra
    food and entertainment out of a volunteer, the volunteer reported it, and this is the reason they
    withdrew their suport to XXX. (I have not asked XXX about this), If so how can we link
    Restoration up with another volunteer network and who? Also had an email back from Oxfam.
    They are stating a new system of ais support and are accpting no more requestes for funding in
    thier old formate. They are developing “partnerships” with NGO’s and this new system will be in
    place soon ..may already be active ..I am investigating what they are setting up.
    P.S. I have 5 beautiful handmade patchwork quilts i have made. i want to use them to raise money
    any sugestions … raffles have failed!! I was only able to sell 10 tickets for $1 in 10 weeks! no way
    am I giving a $500 value quilt away for $10!! Keep in touch everyone!!!

  4. Nathalie wrote

    Hi Doug and all other abuadians!

    Good to hear from you Doug and how committed you are to Abuadi.
    I also believe if we work together and combine resources, we can make things happen.

    I haven’t received any new information from Allan and Amber.
    For all past volunteers who haven’t yet, please, please send me your testimony along with some pics. These are to be displayed in the abuadi website, under Previous Activity Holiday Makers

    The website is still under construction but it shouldn’t be too long now. It is just a matter of cosmetic (rather boring and plain at the moment) and uploading some pics and info on the What’s on? page.
    What would be great is to get this site busy, really busy with pictures, news, info, debates on how to get project moving, solving issues etc. there is a forum on the website and it will be fantastic if we all could start using it. (you also could let me know if it is technically sound) This will generate more interest from outsiders and will make abuadi a place of destination, both from potential volunteer and travelling guest. The idea behind this forum is also to get professional guidance from individuals and/or organisations to help us source goods, get funding for specific project, and so on.. This site will be sent and hopefully linked to as many NGOs, both africans and internationals, international aid agencies , ministries of health etc..

    I need your feedback on this site (once again ignore the cosmetic…i know) I will be so glad to hear from you all on issues such as:
    How can we make the most of this website for abuadi?
    How we can generate interest?
    What would be the best way to keep Abuadi finances transparent at all times?
    and many more questions which have not crossed my litlle mind yet. I am new to this, so please bear with me. I am also extremely busy at the moment, so may not respond straight away but will do my best within a couple of days or so.

    Another thing, before i end this long email. If you haven’t had the chance to look at the site, please do. You will see that there is an opportunity for every past volunteer to get back to Abuadi, flight paid for, starting from the first volunteer with the next one to follow. The money for this will be taken from accumulated administration fees. So should this project kicks off well, Doug you are back to Abuadi soon and Leora to follow!

    Well, i think it should be it for now.

    Wish you all the best


  5. Melva wrote

    Hi again all.
    I was glad to see things picking up again after the holidays. I have pics of my quilts so will email
    them to you soon Nathalie. I have sent a number of applications and letters of enquiry out to
    different funding bodies .. so will keep canvasing the aid $ where ever and when ever I have the
    chance. We are having a few small aid crisis’ here at the moment but I will try some applications
    further afield. I to am wondering how we can co-ordinate things from a distance but i think
    communicating like this is a good start. The web site will also be a good source of feed back. Many
    hands make light work! A Ghanaian teacher told me that cooperation and team work is not one of
    the countries strongest characteristics… Lets hope we set a good example!

  6. Doug wrote

    Hi all,

    Nathalie and melva thanks for all your efforts, these sound like some awesome ideas. Nathalie thanks for all your work on the site, it looks really good and will help spead the word. One thing i think is important is managing the income. With all the stuff that happened with XXX i think its important to be as transparent as possible. I think the cbo or a volunteer need to set up a specific bank account under their name and somone should record all income and expenses, i dont know if its possible in MYOB, and produce accounts that are publicly available that shows where the money goes. Another important thing is registering the cbo as an ngo with an ngo number, i cant remember the system in Ghana or remember if its necessary. However, anything thats done through us should always be agreed by the cbo as its their project and community.. Anyway, theres some thoughts, let me know what you think. I think if we work together to share ideas and think about processes and potential partnerships (great work melva with your work) we can really build this!

    heaps of thanks,

  7. Stephanie wrote

    Greetings All…
    I’m am very happy to hear from you all, and I am thrilled to hear that XXX is no longer involved with XX and Abuadi Restoration. While in Abuadi in March 2010 (wow, almost a year ago!), I was disheartened to learn that XXX was misusing funds…and I believe certain individuals in XXX saw personal gain from that misuse. I fought with XXX when I returned to the States…and they basically told me to bug off. It was then that I demanded my money back. That way, I could use it to actually benefit Abuadi, but I was denied and met with hostility. I had always dreamed of volunteering in Africa…always. I quit a very lucrative job, gave up my beloved apartment, put everything I owned in storage and travelled to Ghana with an open heart and the belief that my real life had just begun. Needless to say, I was devastated when I discovered the true nature of the XXX project. That is why I didn’t respond to some emails from new volunteers travelling to Abuadi. I didn’t want to discourage anyone from going to that wonderful village…because Abuadi and the people of Abuadi are truly wonderful.

    On that note, I would love to be involved with any future projects to assist the CBO, Anani and Abuadi. Knowing what I know now, I would certainly go back, but not through an NGO. I do, however understand the need to be associated with an NGO.

    Doug…the problem with opening a bank account in a person’s name, atleast here in the States, is that that person would be taxed on that money. Didn’t you help the CBO open an account? I thought I remembered that. Perhaps we can reach out to other grassroots-type organizations and see how they sustain transparency. Perhaps we can open, at some point, a PayPal account (or something similar) to more easily move money. Perhaps we could keep records of transactions on the website?? Perhaps create a “Bookkeeping” tab, and there have an detailed excel spreadsheet of all income and expenditures readily available for anyone to look at…especially those who donate.

    Nathalie…the website is a great idea. Good work!

    Anani…how are you and your lovely family? Efoa?

    Warm regards,

  8. Doug wrote

    Hi All!

    Thanks for all your updates Nathalie and bringing me up to speed. I want to thank you again for the hard work you put into this project and your obvious intellegence. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to sound ignorant about the MYOB and accounting processes, I just wanted to float around some ideas. I know from experience the difficulties with technologies in rural Ghana. I like the idea of a basic accounting system and think this should be persued. Natalie, how will the funds be manged and accounted for the volunteer/holiday maker program on the website if you don’t mind me asking?

    Yes, Stephanie it was me who originally started the bank account. I apologise I didn’t know of the monthly fee – this is unsustainable. I think it is a good idea to presue a bank account that is interest bearing at no monthly cost but would imagine this would be hard work finding in Ghana. If the CBO is not registered as a NGO or an Incorporated Association, yes Stephanie is right they would have to have an ABN – his could prove fiddley. .

    The computer they had was a computer I helped pay for from the XX office (who knows who benefited from that), but I believed it was a good contribution to the community and was happy to pay. I am a bit sad that it doesnt work but I tried my best.

    Thank you for all your ideas and efforts. Anani I hope you are well and the community is doing well. Can you please have a chat to the CBO and let us past volunteers know what’s been happening and give us a regular update if thats possible? we will try to come up with some ideas and try our best to help from a distance but all decisions will be made and approved by the CBO. I hope to see you all soon (hopefully later this year – however im not saving to well!).

    Again, thank you past volunteers for all your passion, hard work and dedication – i think we can make a difference!

    Many thanks and I hope all of you are doing well.

  9. Anani wrote

    Efo Doug

    I thank you for a good work your are diong and may god bless you, im verey happy for a good relashinship between all our past vounteers and Abuadi also will come out of poverty and i thank you again of supporting Abuadi and i know the website that Nathalie is doing also will be supported.

    Doug… thanks for bringing together all the past volunteers of Abuadi and together we build this is the cbo’s motto.I thank you all the past volunteers of Abuadi and im espeting all of you to come back to Abuadi again.

    Yes i chat with the cbo about our banking problem because the cbo account was closed we were paying Ghs 2 every month up to some times but nothing is coming through the account and we realise that we were making profit for the bank only and we deceid to stop paying for some couple of months. We have deceided to open a new account which is saving account because bank does not charge for saving account and i will give you details if the cbo opens the saving account, you know the financial problem that the cbo is facing but the cbo members are doing contribution from each other to open the account and i will give you details .

    I m doing some hard work here beccause Leora asked from me to bring irrigation espect to come and cost the dam so im doing follow up to the ministries and assemlies and every where we sent our letters so im traveling all along you know in ghana you have to be puting presure on the people in the offices if not nothing can be done and i hope the dam will be cost soon and i will do my best as a leader.

    The cbo want to thank all the past volunteers for the good jobs that they have done for Abuadi and the cbo they thank them again for the effort they are doing againg to assist Abuadi and we the cbo,we hope through our past vountteers a lot of devellopment will come to Abuadi and the poverty will be reduce and all of you will suppoert the website and more volunteers will come to Abuadi and we need your financial assistance.

    Long live all Abuadi past volunteers , Doug , leora Nathalie,Emily , Stephanie, Melva, Allan and Amber may god bless your jobs and your educations.
    Please please please we want all our past volunteers to come back again.
    Please we want all our past volunteers to send their pictures and testimonies to Nathalie for Abuadi website.
    Nathalie we are espeting the project to start.
    Doug please foward this email to the past volunteers for us.
    Greeting to all of you

    From cbo members

  10. Leora wrote


    My sincerest apologies for the delay in responding. It is tax season here in Canada and work is quite busy. I will try to be more on top of it in future.

    All of these ideas sound fantastic. Between all of us, I think we can truly make a difference.

    When I was there, I started a project to de-silt and rebuild the dam just outside of Abuadi. I understand that subsequent volunteers have helped to further that project as much as possible. I raised $7000 CAD (approx 7,000 cedis) in Canada in order to support the project. $2000 was sent to Abuadi at the time and we need to see how much is left. I still have $5K left in a bank account in Canada, however, this money must be used towards the dam (that was the premise under which I raised the money and I would not feel right using it for a different purpose).

    Anani has been working very hard to get the dam project going and has finally gotten back to me with some numbers. We were first told by the Ministry of Agric that the project should cost approximately $3K, however, that number seems to be staggeringly understated. Anani went recently to meet 2 contactors and was quoted 45,000 and 35,000 cedis respecively. He has another contactor still to meet with, however, I am not hopeful that the price will significantly drop. To desilt the dam, we probably need 35,000 cedis and then maybe another 5,000 cedis to buy some other equipment to get it truly functioning. Which means that we are approximately 30-35,000 cedi short.

    Has anyone else rasied money that I am not taking into consideration here? Are we perhaps closer to our goal?

    Regardless, we probably still have a lot of work to do. I agree that we need to be registered as an NGO and being associated with another group is off great improtance.

    At this stage, I think the most important items are to register the CBO as a charity (or partner with another NGO), and then to come up with some fundraising ideas. Looking at the email addresses, Canada, the US, the UK and Australia are represented. I think it might be easiest to split up by country and to work the fundraising in that manner. While the internet is great, proximity, especially for fundraising, will be important. It also makes sense as registering as a charity will be different in each country.

    Does that make sense? Any other suggestions?

  11. Nathalie wrote


    Would you mind if i cut and paste your emails onto the forum? If you don’t just let me know and i won’t.

    I believe to keep everything transparent, from initial brainstorming, ideas and discussions around finances to the actual hard work that some of you have done and still are doing (i.e Leora and funds raised for the dam, this is fantastic! Melva and her Handmade quilts, this is great, let have it on the website!)

    The website is a great platform to communicate these ideas and also to get feedback and advices from professionals, let spread the word!

    Thanks for your support!

  12. Melva wrote

    Yes Leora, That’s about what I worked out as well. Having had some past
    experience building Dams, and this one is a big one ..bigger than any we have
    had constructed on our farms here, I had estimated up to $50,000Aust. The
    other option is that we start looking at other ways to increase the income of
    the community while we are trying to raise the funds for the Dam. I have sent
    out many funding applications over the past 4 months since I returned from
    Abuadi and I think there is a lot involved in getting the Dam operational ..
    more than just getting it dug out. There were a number of environmental
    issues that needed to be addressed as well if it was to be sustainable. Many
    of the Aid agencies I ave contacted for advice have also advised us to get
    more formal arrangements in place and talk about “partnerships”. I am trying
    to raise money independently as well by selling the Quilts i make and the
    fabrics I brought back with me from Ghana. Any funds I make from this I will
    be using to go back to Ghana to and put back into the community. I am also
    exploring different varieties of seeds eg tomatoes, okra, chillies that may
    grow in dryer climate .. as we have here in Australia. I have been in touch
    with the Dept of Agriculture here and they are sending me out some more
    information. Lots more happening but will keep you all up to date as I find
    out more. Could we develop a list of each volunteers area of expertise …
    I have a B of A Degree/Honors in Rural Social Welfare and 35 years experience
    as a case manager and community development worker in Rural and Remote areas.
    Can we our past use our abilities/ Qualifications/ Talents for more
    constructive outcomes for Abuadi?? Do know the first thing XXX told me
    when I got to the XX office?… He said there was to be no contact with past
    volunteers and that I was not to breach the privacy agreement by contacting
    past volunteers!! So glad I did not listen to him!!! 🙂

  13. Melva wrote

    The micro loans are a great way to go Amber. Did Anani show you the
    foundations of his little shop he wants to build so his mum and Elizabeth can
    be freed from the hard labor they have to put in for low return on the farms?
    I had the same problem while i was there as being seen as a goose that lays
    golden eggs, but I had very limited funds and did what I could to cover many
    of my own expenses, and put a bit into the community bu purchasing small
    personal items from the little stores but the belief that we are the rich of
    the western world if we are able to go there to give our time is a problem…
    also Volunteers in themselves are seen as a source of income and when there
    are no volunteers there is a huge reduction in income for some. “Its a
    catch 22”

  14. Melva wrote

    This is great to know .. I had ‘feelings’ that things were going down hill at
    XXXX but had none of this info while I was there in August -September 2010.
    I had no Idea where to start addressing all the issues on my own so I
    discussed with Anani and the Committee about contacting past Abuadi
    volunteers to try to enlist a wider network of support. Having worked with
    NGO’s in the past that were faltering and losing support I could see the
    writing on the wall but I also recognized the control XXX had and the
    need to respect the culture there. I discovered that sometimes it is better
    to make a casual observation, or a suggestion in relation to an issue and let
    the community work out the solution. They are after all are the best judges
    of their situation. Please let us keep the brain storming going between us
    all we may find a way in joint effort that is not obvious to each of us
    trying to help on our own.

  15. Great links, i encourage everyone to have look.

  16. My name is Anani Aku the chairman of Abuadi CBO and i m the project manager as well , i speak both french and english addition to my local language EWE. Our CBO was formed by our first volunteer called Doug Wiles from Australia and i was elected by the members to be the chairman of the committee in 2008 up to date. Adaklu Abuadi community is a beautiful community in the Volta Region of Ghana and Abuadi community is near Ho the capital of Volta Region. Abuadi is situated on the beautiful grass land where you can see the beautiful Adaklu Mountain , the people in the committee are friendly and very kind to everyone, the kids are very very discipline and respectful the adult also is the same thing. I am encouraging every body in the wold to visit Abuadi and see how beautiful Abuadi community is. Come come and help Abuadi from poverty and you will also learn our traditional culture and you will have experience in many thinks.

    My brothers and sisters, i am encouraging you that the door is wildly open to everyone to visit Abuadi the most peaceful community, i m ready to work with you in my community and i will teach you our culture and you will ever ever forget Abuadi in your live.

    A big huge thanks goes to all Abuadi past volunteers like Doug Wiles from Australia ,Leora Selesnick from Canada , Nathalie Bidouj my project director from London, Emily Clarck from Canada , Stephie from New York, Melva Lee-Morakinyo from Australia , Allan Lamont from Scotland and Amber Mills from USA . I thank you all.

    Take care.

  17. Hi all,

    My name is Sem Tsigbe the regent of the paramount, I am very very happy about Abuadi website and it is a great achievement and people of Abuadi are very happy for the project. All the youths both men and women are happy and they support the project and waiting for people from all angle of the wold to come to Abuadi, we welcome you all to Abuadi. We thank Anani of doing a good job for Abuadi , he is hard working respectful and gentle we all trust him because he always respect the chiefs and elders,the queen mothers and their elders the youths even kids Anani gave them all respect and he humble himself to everyone in Abuadi community. Yes another great woman is Favour the operation manager, she is very very very good she also gave respect to everyone in Abuadi community like Anani the project manager, Favour is a good servant so please come and experience the services of Anani and Favour in Abuadi. I will never forget the CBO of Abuadi community they are doing well and they always exchange ideas together as a committee.

    I will like to tell the world that the chiefs ,the elders ,the queen mothers and the youths of Abuadi support the website for the project so Abuadi community is for everyone, welcome , welcome .welcome to Abuadi .I will to thank all the past volunteers of Abuadi for their good jobs and i think is not yet ended so please keep pushing, i hope all the past volunteers of Abuadi have learned a lot when they were in Abuadi so everybody should come and help Abuadi and also learn from Abuadi in Ghana in Africa.
    I greet you all.

    Sem Tsigbe

    • yes three wonderful cheers for the hard working Anani and Favour!! Every where I go I tell people what wonderful and gentle and good people live in Abuadi and of all the kindness and friendly way that they took such good care of me every where I went! I met so many hard working and good kind people in Abuadi! I am longing for the day when I can come back and work some more and enjoy the wonderful company and conversation joy that is in that small place!

    • Greetings Torgbe Sem! Nice to hear your words and best wishes. Hope all is well and I wish to send my greetings out to you and your family and Torgbe Gbogbi Atsa the 5th. Looking forward to seeing you and the community again hopefully some time soon.


  18. This is a great way to share!! I am so happy to see so many sharing of ideas!! I pray we will together be able to make some real positive change! So hard when you think you are on your own but so great when you know others share the same hopes and dreams!! WE are with you wonderful village Abuadi and dear friend Anani!!

  19. My name is Favour Denu i m from Abuadi i m the opreration maneger of Abuadi CBO,i speak english with my local language .Before i continue i will like to thank all our past volunteers for the jobs that they have done for Abuadi and still they are doing all their best to assist Abuadi community and the cbo. Yes Abuadi is a beautifull community that a lot of people like to visit and most of the people have learnt differents type of our culture so please im encouraging, encouraging, encouraging everybody to come and visit Abuadi and learnd our culture and assist Abuadi out from poverty.
    I will like veryone to come to and experience our local foods in Abuadi so come and enjoy my foods and i hope after your departure you will still not forget my foods and my services .I give respect to all my visiters who come to Abuadi i will to thank Anani for his hard work . My thanks giving goes to all the past volunteers of Abuadi , Doug, leora, Nathalie, Emily, Stephanie, Melval, Allan and Amber , please come back to Abuadi and enjoy my services and my local food again, i miss you all . Im ready to work with all holiday makers and the travelling guess who will visit Abuadi.s

    • Hello Favour!
      It is so nice to hear from you. I miss you and your lovely food!
      How is your little Martin? Miss hearing Yavo!

    • Greetings dearest Favour!! I so miss you and Martin and all the Kids and everyone!! I miss your wonderful cooking and thank you so much for the special fu fu you made for me and my husband when we came to visit Abuadi after we got married! Joseph is still praising that meal you made for him!! I have a wonderful photo of you pounding the fu fu and I cant get my cloths as clean as you did … I need to come back for lessons in cooking and cleaning!! I am working hard to get back to most wonderful place I have ever been!

  20. Dear All,

    These are some beautiful messages and shows the kind hearts, respect and good wills of those involved. I was the first volunteer in Abaudi and loved every second of my stay. Everyone in the community is friendly and welcome you into their ‘family’ from day one. Everyone in the community has such a great sense of humor, even facing adversity there was always a smile on their faces and a joke to be had. I loved sitting down, listening to stories and laughing with all members of the community. It is special that the paramount chief and the regent support this project. I would also like to through my full support into the project and offer my help to any volunteers who wish to visit and go on a life changing journey. I will always be here to speak to from experience whether it be project related or a confidential contact. A big thank you to Anani and the CBO and the past volunteers for all their hard work, I could not have imagined the CBO could come this far in such a short time when we had our first meeting in 2008. However, there is still much to do and the community benefits with each volunteer that attends. As they say, more hands makes light work. Together we can make a change and help the community of Abuadi. Trust me, there are no other people more deserving then this wonderful community.

    Best wishes,

    Doug Wiles

    [email protected]

  21. Hi all
    Thank you for congratulating me for my services im very proud of your messages yes i know you all like my foods after reading your messages i told my project director Anani that , my heart is full of joy and now i know that our past volunteers likes my food and all my services , i thank you all of your good messages may God bless you all and I am still waiting for the project to start and i will like all our past volunteers to use the forum and please please spread our website to everyone in your country to visit Abuadi , i thank all you again of coming together as the past volunteers of Abuadi thank you for supporting this project and i thank Anani and all the CBO members for their good job .
    yevo yevo yevo come to Abuadi
    Good servant

  22. I thank you all for your support and i thank my operation maneger for her good and hard work.
    A proverb said in Ewe that , ne nye be srorwo yi tsi lefe eye megbor kaba o la, na nya be ye dzram do wo le, please i will explain this in english , if your wife went to bath and she is not out quick then you the man you must know that your wife is doing preparation for you. The reason why i m saying this is that, though the project delayed a bit but good things will come out or good things and great great things are yet to come for Abuadi community.
    Thank you all.
    [email protected]

  23. Hi All
    my name is Akoto Esi i am the treasurer of Abuadi {CBO} the community based organization, i m very happy of this project i will to thank all our past volunteers of Abuadi. I ready to work with the activity holiday makers and traveling guests , I’m encouraging you that Abuadi is a peaceful community anyone who come will never forget Abuadi. i will thank our paramount chief Torgbe Gbogbui Atsa the 5th for supporting this project and again my thanks giving goes to all the sub chiefs of Abuadi. Another thanks giving goes to the project manager Anani for his hard work
    All the people of Auadi community want to thank all Abuadi past volunteers for their good work and may God bless you and we hope more things will come to Abuadi soon, I am ready to take care of all money that will be send to Abuadi for projects as the treasure and i will sacrifice my self for Abuadi, I am encouraging everyone to come and learn things in Abuadi and you will never forget Abuadi, come and learn our wonderful culture like dancing of borbor, zigi, asafo, gbolo, gabara etc…. come come come come we will serve you as never before.

    Akato Esi

    • So good to hear from you Esi!! This is a quick message to All my Abuadi friends. We are working hard to move things forward for Abuadi. I look forward to the day I can return!! There were so many great things I did not have the time to do. I look forward to that day in the future!!

  24. Hello Abuadi Community and Past Volunteer Team members. I am working on some funding submissions again so will appreciate as much feed back as you an give 🙂 I am focusing on the Dam and dry season farm as my major project but am happy to include other projects as well. The Guest House and School for example. suggestions gratefully accepted 🙂

  25. I am a Geomatic Engineer (Land Surveying & GIS) and also into project management.
    Currently I am on national service at Mawuli School, HO and want to be a part of your vision.
    You can contact me on 0246648469.
    Hope to hearing from you soon.

  26. Restoration Abuadi is now on Idealist!!! 🙂

  27. In fact i am very happy for coming into contact with your website concerning Abuadi.
    I encourage you to do your best in uplifting the image of the little village together with the CBOs and any other..
    It may interest you to note that among all the over 36 villages tha form the traditional area, Abuadi was able to accommodate the missionaries in the 13th/14th centuries, protected them from being hurt by wild animals and persons of evil mind.Torgbe Akadi did this by hiding the whites in his mosquito net!!
    This I again saw when I visited Abuadi about a month ago and encountered some holiday makers dancing to Gbezalado(traditional dance rehearsals!!!! how friendly are the people of Abuadi? Amazing..Please feel at home and become Abuadians..The mountain hike during the Glidzi festival was a sight worth remembering.So many travel makers! Please come down in your numbers with more projects.The people are really friendly and ready to cooperate.
    The youth are ready to do all year vegetable production as an income generating activity so as to become enemies of poverty.
    Thank you.

    • Raymond … Thank you for this wonderful little bit of Abuadi History!! I agree with all you have said about the kind and friendly Abuadi people. They are also hard working and very caring!! Best hospitality I ever experienced!! I would like to learn more about Abuadi history!

  28. Dear Abuadi Volunteers,

    Just to let you know the CBO has set up a bank account in its own name that has no monthly charges!

    Please see below for the account details for your reference:

    Bank Name ; Stanbic Bank.
    Account Name; Adaklu Abuadi Restoration.
    Account Number; 0121417517501.

    Please note I have also updated the fees for volunteers through my meetings with the CBO in my recent trip to Abuadi. If you are interested in the costs and break-down – please go to

    Spread the word to anyone interested in volunteering as the prices and method to pay are now up and running!

    Just to let you know, I have taken over the work on the website. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I would like to thank Nathalie on her awesome work on the website and putting Abuadi on the map!

    Thank you,


    [email protected]

    • Thank you so much Doug and best of luck with everything.
      Will come back to Abuadi when i get the opportunity.

      • Dear Nathalie,
        Good to hear from you, thank you for the solid foundation laid for Abuadi.
        Dear friends , the Abuadi website was created by Nathalie and now Doug , Emila and Melva took over for the development of Abuadi.
        I will like to thank leora, Ember Stephanie, Allan and Emily also they are all past volunteers. We welcome the icoming volunteers to Abuadi from all angles in wold, Abuadi is a peacefull community and people in Abuadi are friendly so visite Abuadi for more experience.

    • Dear Doug,

      Thank you for your exellent work.

  29. Melva!
    Sooner than later oi will feed you with picturesofd Abuadi people on the just ended Glidzi festival.
    It was really colouful.
    i wish you will make time to watch and participate in the subsequent ones!
    Come down guys!

  30. Hi Anani!

    It was good to speak to you over the phone yesterday, how are you? how is the CBO? Abuadi? your wife? Fedelia? Yom? I hope all is well and dream of the day I get to go back.

    How is the goat project going? I am looking to try and raise funds in Australia, so let me know how all the projects are going whether the small projects are up and running and what you need and I can see what I can do.

    If not through the site, please email me at [email protected]


  31. Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    How are you doing all, my name is Aku Anani the coordinator of the Adaklu Abuadi CBO and i will like to give some special information to anyone who will like to volunteer in Abuadi.Please the Abuadi community and the CBO of Abuadi welcome the volunteers in Abuadi and i can i sure you that, the accommodations are available for the volunteers so come and volunteer in Abuadi and you will learn our culture.Abuadi is a beautiful community and the people are very kind and Lovelace, come and study in Abuadi.
    We welcome you in Abuadi.

    Thank you all.

  32. I would like to add Abuadi to the Ghana Place Names database. Can anyone say how Abuadi got its name, and what it means? All contributions will be acknowledged and a link to this website included.

  33. This site is being updated. Any sugestions or feedback greatly apreciated.

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