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Borborbor is the most popular music in the Volta Region. It links traditional drumming rhythms with proverbial lyrics that frequently include Christian’s themes. Borborbor is often played during occasions like the celebration of independent day, Christmas day, funerals or when welcoming visitors.

The drums are made up of wood, animal skin and tread.

Borborbor drummers play different beats whilst Women twirl a handkerchief in the air when dancing. Women always use two different types of handkerchiefs; one white during festivities and one red only for funeral ceremonies.

Men also do get to, sing and dance.  Usually they have two leaders a man and a woman who sing the first line of the song and then they send a signal for everybody to join in.

Drummers change their beats according to the song and dancers shake off their body according to the style and rhythm of the song.

They have six to seven drums playing at one time, all different sizes and different tones. Drummers also use other types of instrument such as bell rattles.

Borborbor is danced by everyone in the community that is kids, teens and adults. It is a special treat for visitors.

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