Whether you are in Ghana or you have never been, Abuadi is an essential part of your travelling itinerary. It is situated in the Volta Region, with Ho the regional capital only 30 minutes away by car or local transport.  This region borders Togo land making Abuadi an excellent stop off to experience the local delights of a typical Ghanian village. Please see the What’s on? and Yam Festival pages. 


What will it cost you?

Your Travelling Guest rate covers food provided by Favour (3 meals a day), accommodation and the services of Anani, your local guide, who will meet you in Ho and take you to Abuadi. 

As a Travelling Guest, you will not only enjoy the local attractions but also contribute significantly to Abuadi projects. Please see  Abuadi Projects section. As you can see from the breakdown of Travelling Guest rates, the longer you stay in this welcoming and friendly community, the more you are making a difference to the lives of Abuadians. Please refer to table below and ‘Your money to Projects’ column.


Per Day / Per person   Full Board + Abuadian Guide    Your money to Projects    Travelling Guest Rate 
1 13 12 25
2 26 17 43
3 39 22 61
4 52 27 79
5 65 32 97
6 78 37 115
7 91 42 133
8 104 47 151
9 117 52 169
10 130 57 187
11 143 62 205
12 156 67 223
13 169 72 241
14 182 77 259


To book a guest house, please email your request to [email protected]. We will respond within 5 working days. 


Please note that we can only offer the above rates on advance bookings and receipt of full payment 2 weeks prior to arrival in Abuadi. This will guarantee a cheaper daily rate. Otherwise, the daily flat rate of £25 applies.

If you need to cancel your booking, 1 week’s notice is needed for a full refund but a 10% surcharge (and bank charges if applicable) will be deducted for administrative costs. If less than 1 week’s notice is given, we will have forwarded the full amount of your money to Abuadi and no refund can be made. However, your money will still benefit the community and contribute to projects.

We strongly advise you to arrange adequate travel insurance, immunisation shots and a valid visa prior your arrival in Abuadi as we cannot accept any responsibility.

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