Mar 112011

Doug Wiles

My experience in the Abuadi Community was one I will never forget.
During my 10 weeks living in the community I learnt valuable life experiences, formed life long friendships and learnt to appreciate the immense hardship people suffer because of poverty. Being the first volunteer for Abuadi community I was blessed to be given the opportunity to help form a Community Based Organisation (CBO) and work to improve the communities access to the vital tools and infrastructure a community needs to prosper. Upon my arrival I was struck by the friendliness, pride and immense determination the members of the CBO and the community have to improve the life of all those people in the community. Abuadi has a strong sense of community and during my time I felt as if I was part of the wider community family. During my stay I was also lucky enough to travel around Ghana with fellow volunteers and my caretaker and friend Anani who helped show me the wonders of Ghana and help me feel at home in the Abuadi community. Upon my departure I was struck speechless when, to my surprise, I was awarded and blessed with gifts of traditional community clothes and inducted as an official village elder; “Togbe Kofi Bruni”. I am immensely grateful to the community for taking me in and making me feel part of the community, while having the opportunity to have the best learning experiences and fun of my life. Abuadi deserves everything they receive and I am hopeful I can still contribute anyway I can in the future to improve the lives of these amazing people. I will never forget when I taught at the local school the happiness and joy in the children’s faces and the immense dedication to learn and achieve with no access to the most basic education tools children from my country take for granted. The CBO members are the most determined people I have met and their dedication to uplift the community out of poverty is second to none. Please help me to reward the community with the basic needs to live, because there are not any people in the world more deserving.

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