Mar 112010

Melva Lee

My time in the Abuadi Community was one of the most rewarding times of my whole life. During my 4 weeks living in the community I had a most amazing time, although too short and I plan to return there as soon as I can save and enlist enough support to do so. I left a lot of dear friends and unfinished work behind. Like others that went to Abuadi before me, I found something wonderful there that is missing in our modern busy world. I developed an appreciation of the blessings we have and an understanding of the immense hardship people face with courage because of poverty. I also realized how difficult and isolated many people are when it comes to accessing resources to make a real significant change. The friendliness care  and protection and love I was given in return by just being there was amazing! Every person in the village gave me encouragement despite it being a very hard time there when I arrived.   They guided me in every situation and taught me so much about the environment and the culture.  I was given such respect that i felt extremely humbled. I had the time of my life and fell in love with the place and the people and I long to go back there and get that DAM finished!! There is so much needing to be done there and the people work so hard for such little reward. I look forward to being any small part of the future and seeing Abuadi grow and become and even more beautiful and wonderful place to be. I hope the modern world does not spoil its natural beauty but I also  hope it has a wonderful future.

And my commitment is continuing .. I am working on funding applications and submissions to contribute to the recommissioning of the Dam that will enable the community to  establish a farm to help develop further projects.

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