Why Abuadi?

* To create sustainable income generating activities to fund community projects.

* To facilitate work on existing and new local projects through contributions from volunteer projects

‘Restoration Abuadi’ is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) made up of volunteers from the Abuadi Community near Ho in Ghana. The CBO started in 2008 and is now working closely with past volunteers and friends to facilitate community projects to improve the lives of people who live in Abuadi.

From 2008-2010 a number of Volunteers went to Ghana through an international NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) which passed them on to another NGO in Ghana, which then finally placed them in Abuadi.  While they there, they worked closely with the  Abuadi CBO (Community Based Organisation) on projects started by previous volunteers.  Unfortunately time limited on any overseas visit and the volunteers regreted not being able to  follow them through. However, as a result this website was started as a means of ongoing support and communication.

All people working on these projects firmly believe in eliminating intermediaries and empowering the Abuadi community to take control of their own destiny. Another reason for creating this site is to put Abuadi on the Ghanaian tourist map and attract traveling guests to experience authentic village life in beautiful landscapes.

Where is Abuadi?

Abuadi is located in the Volta Region of Ho, approximately a 30 minutes drive from the town, Ho and 3 hours from the capital city, Accra, Ghana. Abuadi village is situated at the foothill of the beautiful Adaklu Mountain.

How to be an Abuadian?

There are three ways to experience Abuadi village life:

  1. As aVolunteer, Please also refer to Previous Volunteers

  2. As an Activity Holidaymaker through Tourism.

  3. As a professional adviser in Spreading the word

Who’s Who?

The community based organisation (CBO) consists of 7 Abuadian residents:

Chairman and Projects Manager: Anani Aku

Operations Manager: Favour Denu

Assistant Chairman: Cephas Torkpete

Treasurer: Akoto Esi

Financial Secretary: John  Meble

Secretary: Nathaniel Akoto

Assistant Secretary: Victor Kpese

The Abuadi CBO initiatives are promoted and supports by the following  non-Abuadian residents:

Project Directors: Doug, Leora, Melva, Amber, Stephanie, Emily, Allan

For further details, please email: [email protected]  or [email protected]



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